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Business Introduction
A stylish home appliance that changes a way of lifestyle
In 2004, Cuchen pressure cooker with tasty rice and convenient functions based on superior technology,
emerged as a new competitor in rice cooker market with its launch. Featuring ‘Myungpumchuljung’,
the first iron inner pot in Korea for even cooking of each grain of rice by using spray technique at 2000℃,
the Korea’s first ‘smart jog-dial system’ for conveniently selecting menu by controlling the jog-dial,
and Korea’s first‘smart touch screen LCD rice cooker’ that can be controlled by touch as in smart phones,
Cuchen is keep developing products that satisfy customers based on leading technology and user oriented thinking.
A stylish home appliance that changes a way of lifestyle
The company created a great sensation in domestic electric cook top market that has been dominated by overseas
brands by launching ‘hybrid range’ that combines advantages of induction (IH) and highlight ranges for the first time in Korea.
Since then, the company completed its full line-up of electric cook top by launching ‘IH smart range’.
Cuchen electric cook tops are liked by customers due to its luxurious design as well as user convenience that reflects deep
consideration of Cuchen on domestic living pattern.
We captivated the specialists’ appetite!
The company has been rewarded in design development by receiving from distinguished design awards including
‘iF Design Award’, ‘KIDA Korea Industrial Design Award’, ‘Good Design’, ‘Pin-up Design’, ‘AT & D Korea
(Advanced Technology & Design Korea) Brand Award’ and ‘Korea Design Award’.
We captivated the specialists’ appetite!
The company has acquired ‘Customer Centered Management (CCM)’ certification and established companywide
system for improving customer benefits. Cuchen will continue to become a brand that puts customers on top priority.