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    • CUCHEN home appliances explore a brand-new category in the field of kitchen appliances with a stylish and luxury image. Our company establishes a unique identity of CUCHEN by adding our eco-friendly core technology based on the keywords of user-oriented convenience and practicality. We consider our prior responsibility for customer satisfactions from the stage of product development to customer service.
      CUCHEN is a new kitchen appliance brand, which has developed with ambition since 2004. Our brand represents ‘Culture of Kitchen,’ which means to lead a kitchen culture in Korea. The shape of a star with five points, which represent human, ingredient, technology, tool and devotion, symbolizes a perfect cuisine with a harmony of the contents above. The white star shape in the orange background represents a shape of human body, expressing our strong will to become a leading home appliance company. In addition, the cross section of orange represents fresh ingredients and dishes.

      As a professional home appliance company, LiHOM indirectly represents warmth and sincerity in emotional aspect as well as high technology through Visual Identity.
      A curve line in the middle of letter H reminds of maternal affection in which we felt during our childhood when mom covered a table with a table cloth. A circle motive is associated with steam and is engraved with a lowercase letter i.
      In order to emphasize our products as a home appliance brand, we adopted a word mark strategy rather than a symbolization strategy. In consideration of a brand expansion as heat home appliances, we used color RED, which symbolizes warmth and love.





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