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   E-mart Anyang Branch Hope-sharing Project
In March, 2012, E-mart Anyang Branch had a volunteer group ceremony, and concluded MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operation) with the volunteer work center in...
 LiHOM Opened 'Loving Dining Table' Lecture for multi-cultural family
LiHOM announced they held "Loving Dining Table' lecture at the Multi-Cultural Family Support Center, Nam-gu, Ulsan city. The cooking class was held for immigrant...
 Tending Clear and Green Environment
Anyang E-mart employees take the lead in community service through the cleanliness activities covering its neighboring apartment building, multi-household housing and...
 Cleanliness Service Activity
Anyang E-mart Operation visits visit Southern Temporary Protection Center for Children every month to conduct their volunteer work and at a time of visiting ...
 Commodity Delivery for a Red Feather Campaign
Anyang E-mart employees conduct "One-day Hof Sale" targeting employees at the end of every year, and the proceeds from the Hof sale are used to buy articles(home...
 Making loving gimjang kimchi
Anyang E-mart employees conduct 'Making loving gimjang Kimchi' together with women members at Bisan 1~2 dong in gimjang season, and the kimchi is sent...
 Get the "Loving Dining Table" for Marriage Immigrant Women Started
As the love-sharing project for the marriage immigrant women of the multi-cultural family, on the 31st, the multi-cultural family support center in Dongdaemun-gu...





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